How to make watermelon milkshake at home – Summer special healthy milkshake recipe

Watermelon milkshake is a perfect tasty creamy milkshake for healthy summer. Beat the summer with cool watermelon milk shake. Watermelon milkshake is blended into a smooth liquid and served by garnishing with vanilla ice scoop on the top. Adding sugar saunf on the top adds a colorful texture to the milkshake. Below is the procedure of making watermelon milkshake at home.

Ingredients required for making watermelon milk shake

  • Vanilla ice cream – 100 grms
  • Watermelon
  • Milk
  • Ice cubes
  • Sugar
  • Sugar saunf

Procedure of making watermelon milk shake recipe

  • Take vanilla ice cream in a small blender jar and add chopped watermelon pieces.
  • Add ¼th of milk into it. Add ice cubes.
  • Add 4tbsp of sugar. Blend this mixture nicely and collect them into a serving glass.
  • Garnish the serving glass with watermelon pieces, vanilla ice cream on the top and sugar saunf.

Tasty and healthy watermelon milk shake is ready to drink.

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