Easy ways to cut fat in cooking

Easy ways to cut fat in cooking

Delicious low fat healthy recipes which includes high quantities of vegetables, low fat dairy products, lean meat, grains etc. Meat and chicken are primary sources of proteins and contains high amount of fat. Here are the methods to follow for low fat recipes.

Step 1: Use low fat cooking methods such as grilling, roasting, sauting and baking. If you cook meat in oven put meat within the pan to drip the fat away.

Step 2: Drain the water after cooking fat food items. Place them in tissue paper to absorb the oil of food item.

Step 3: Use low fat spices, herbs, sauces, cider vinegar etc to marinade and tenderize meat while cooking.

Step 4: Prefer lean poultry items without skin to avoid fat.

Step 5: Use liquid oils or cooking sprays instead of butter or ground nut oils. Olive oil and canola oil are recommended for low fat items.

Step 6: Prefer steamed, baked, grilled, poach and oven foods instead of deep fry food items.

Step 7: Use bread crumbs to coat chicken, fish or meat instead of plain flour or butter.

Step 8: Cut the fat content foods completely by substituting with egg whites.

Step 9: Avoid french fries , eat boiled and fried potato recipe.

Step 10: Prefer low fat milk in creamy soups instead of heavy creams.


Tips: High fat improves the risk of health problems. Cholesterol in blood causes health risk such as heart diseases, obesity, lipid disorders.

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