How lemon juice increase the taste of your dish?

How lemon juice increase the taste of your dish?

Sour lemon fruit, primary source of citric acid have huge health benefits. It brings tangy flavor and interacts with taste buds. Lemon has special feature called aroma essence which is used in beauty products. Naturally, we use lemon juice in making various dishes, to soak vegetables before cooking to avoid discoloration, to preserve dish for longer time etc.

Lemon fruit divided into various types such as lisbon, meyer lemon, verna, bush lemon etc. Bush lemon is very hard and have thick skin. It has natural lemon extracts and good for cooking.

  • Due to its acidic properties lemon reacts with different foods. For meat, lemon juice is used to marinate and dissolve its connective tissues.
  • We can make instant dairy products like desserts, candies. Add lemon juice while boiling the milk after few  seconds it starts curdling.
  • Outermost layer of lemon is grated, known as lemon zest. It is dried at room temperature and used in various recipes. Lemon zest has bitter taste with powerful compound which makes your recipe taste better.
  • To make rice fluffier and soft,add lemon juice while cooking rice like biryani recipes to makes your food more tasty.
  • To make vegetables stay longer and fresher before cooking, sprinkle lemon juice in water and soak them for sometime.
  • Lemon squeeze used in various vegetable salad to improve its taste.
  • In various instant sauces, we can use lemon juice to make

Tips:  Lemon acts as an anti-oxidant and had natural healing powder, it helps to boost immune system, weight reduction etc.

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