How to make watermelon juice – Summer special watermelon juice

Summer is up! Its time to drink more beverages or juices! Beat the summer with watermelon juice. Stay cool by drinking special watermelon juice. Preparing of Watermelon juice at home is a simple task. All that you need is fresh watermelon. We added few mint leaves in watermelon juice for nice fragrance. Use a best juicer to make quick and delicious summer drink. Lets see how to make summer special Watermelon juice.

Ingredients required for watermelon juice

  • Watermelon
  • Sugar powder
  • Mint leaves

Procedure of making watermelon Juice

  • Chop the watermelon pieces in the shape of cube.
  • Take a jar and add chopped watermelon pieces into it. Add sugar powder and grind the watermelon pieces into a juice.
  • Filter the watermelon juice and remove the extra pulp. Add little more sugar if required.
  • Put few mint leaves in a juice jar and fill them with watermelon juice. If required you can add ice cubes.

Tasty summer special watermelon juice is ready to drink.

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