How to make fruit jelly in summer with elder flower and raspberries

How to make fruit jelly in summer with elder flower and raspberries

Fruit jelly made with juicy summer fruit raspberries and elder flower. Recipe is soft and simple to make at home. It has delicious taste with fresh raspberries flavor and prosecco. Fruit jelly is very attractive in its texture and served chilled during summer. Especially, kids love to eat this mouth watering recipe which is easy to make within short time. Let us see the procedure of making chilled fruit jelly in summer.


  • Raspberries- 250gms
  • Elder flower cordial-50ml
  • Lemon juice- 5 spoons
  • Prosecco – 200ml
  • Gelatine- 2 leaves
  • Caster sugar- 1 spoon
  • Elder flowers for garnish


Step 1: Arrange half of the raspberries in moulds. Cut remaining raspberries into halves and place in a bowl.

Step 2: Squeeze lemon juice, sprinkle caster sugar and cover with a lid. store them refrigerator.

Step 3: Keep gelatin leaves in a chilled water for 15min to soften.

Step 4: Pour elder flower cordial and prosecco in a sauce pan. heat until simmer and off the flame.

Step 5: Take out the softened gelatin leaves and put in a sauce pan. whisk them well till it combines.

Step 6: Reduce the temperature and add remaining prosecco, stir it well.

Step 7: Stir the ingredients well to get more jelly and pour mixture in moulds. put tray in refrigerator for 3-4hrs.

Step 8: Later serve the jelly onto a plate and decorate with elder flowers.

Step 9: Sprinkle black pepper over it.

Enjoy the taste of raspberry flavored jelly



  • You can also use blueberries instead of raspberries.
  • Choose big sized mould tray to make jellies.

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