How to prepare french fries at home

How to prepare french fries at home

French fries or finger chips, a popular snack item with salted flavor and served with tomato sauce. These are made with sweet potatoes, baked and deep fried. chopped parsley and carom seeds are used as topping for french fries. Potato cutted into thin slices which are called as fries and potatoes cutted into strips called chips. Let us see the procedure of making this recipe.


  • Potato- 3 big size
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil to fry


Step 1:Soak potatoes in plain water for 15min.

Step 2:Peel skin of potatoes and cut into chips of equal parts using craper.

Step 3:Boil the potato pieces in water for 15min at low flame.

Step 4:Off the flame and keep aside on cotton cloth to dry.

Step 5:Heat oil in kadai, fry the french fries and serve them in a bowl.

Step 6:Sprinkle salt to taste, serve them hot with tomato sauce.

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