How kitchen spices improves your health

How kitchen spices improves your health

Spice is dried fruit, it is the primary source for food flavor, food coloring and preserving. These spices has their own health benefits. Some of the spices are used as anti-oxidants in prevents diseases. Spices are used in making beauty products, cooking oils, sauces etc.

Cardamom: A sweet and sour spice cardamom also known as elachi. It has the good flavor with good health benefits. Cardamom is one of the spice in the ginger family.

Benefit of cardamom: Intake of cardamom helps to get rid of cough, throat problems. Cardamom is used in desserts, salads, juices to add flavor to the recipe.

Cinnamon: We taste different spices that brings different flavors in recipes but the taste of cinnamon is unique with delicious taste. It is obtained from the inner bark of a tree. Cinnamon has sweet flavor.

Benefit of cinnamon: Intake of cinnamon daily helps to improve the insulin level in your body and burns the cholesterol levels.

Cloves: Cloves are the flower buds of a tree. Cloves has spicy taste. It is used as special ingredient in all the special recipes.

Benefit of cloves: Health benefits of cloves are helps to improve digestion, to get rid of bad smell in mouth.

Celery: Celery is the part of the parsley family.

Benefit of celery: Celery has few health benefits such as low blood pressure, liver problems.

Coriander: Special spice in aromatic family and a popular ingredient in all the dishes. Recipes made with coriander attains delicious taste. Leaves of coriander are used in all types of curries.

Benefit of coriander: It plays a major role in preventing the allergies that occur seasonally.

Turmeric : A popular spice and common ingredient used in all the items. It is obtained from circuma plant from root family.

Benefit of turmeric: It helps to cure tumors that cause infections. It acts as an antiseptic medicine for the wounds.

Nutmeg: Fragnant nutmeg, seed of a tree in egg shape. Delicious plant used to produce commercial products. It is also referred as tropical fruit used to make oils, butter and in some of the recipes.

Benefit of nutmeg: Use to improve food digestion. To get rid of menstrual problems.

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