Different things we do using microwave

Different things we do using microwave

Microwave has became smart kitchenware item over years ago, These microwaves produces electro-magnetic radiation that are absorbed by the fat and water. When recipes are stored to heat in microwave they electrify atoms to heat them up or cook. Now-a-days microwaves became more powerful with 600-800 watts. As this is an automatic setup it perform actions within a sec. Let us see some few methods of using microwave at home.

Method1: Cooking recipes using vegetables- We can boil vegetables without any additional water, place them in oven bowl and tend them to cook. Check for every minute while cooking leafy vegetables and root vegetables as they get boiled faster.

Method2: Baking items like cakes: Normally we use yeast in cake dough, it takes an hour for baking at room temperature. but in microwave it takes hardly 5-10min depending upon the quantity.

Method3: To toast items:  Dry nuts, bread crumbs can be toasted in microwave. It takes 2min to toast them completely to get brown color.

Method4: Heating: Reheating food items such as soups are good but reheating the half-boiled items effects your health.

Method5: Don’t boil eggs in microwave, as it is an high protein food with hard shell outside. It gets spoiled when we boil in microwave.

Method 6: Boiling water in microwave is really dangerous because it doesn’t explode in the specified space, Instead you can boil like tea, coffee etc.

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