How to make bobbatlu – Bobbatlu sweet recipe

Presenting you the old grandmas traditional sweet item “BOBBATLU”. Bobbatlu are prepared with maida (all purpose flour) or wheat flour. Sweet lentil stuff adds a great taste to this sweet bobbatlu. Using of maida for making bobbatlu is to make the outer layer thin, so that eater can enjoy nice sweet taste. Since the lentil stuff is made up of jiggery, it is healthy too. Bobbatlu are called as puran poli or puranachi poli in Maharastra where in Andhra these are called as obbattu or bobbatlu. Enjoy the authentic Indian flavor of sweet dish by preparing Bobbatlu at home.

Ingredients required for bobbatlu sweet recipe

  • Maida – 1 cup
  • Salt – 1 tbsp
  • Oil / Ghee – 1 tbsp
  • Bengal gram – 1 cup
  • Grated jaggery – 1 cup
  • Badam & kaju powder – ½ cup
  • Elachi powder or cardamom powder – 1 tbsp

Procedure of making Bobbatlu sweet recipe

  • Take a bowl and add maida or all purpose flour into it. Add salt and oil or ghee and mix it well.
  • Add a little water and make a smooth dough.
  • Take a pan on the stove and give a medium flame. Add Bengal gram and add required amount of water for boiling.
  • Boil the Bengal gram and turn off the flame. Drain the cooked Bengal gram from excess water and let it get cool.
  • Now take a jar and grind it into a fine powder. Collect it into a bowl and add grated jaggery, cashew & almonds powder and cardamom powder. Mix them all and keep this dough aside.
  • Take a chapathi board or you can use plain surface. Place a polyethene paper and apply ghee or oil to it to the bottom layer. Now take a maida dough and make it a small balls.
  • Put the maida ball on the paper and close it with other layer. Slightly press it.
  • Now take a small amount of Bengal gram dough and make it a ball. Keep this ball in between the maida and close all the sides. Make a round ball.
  • Now again place it on the board and press this slowly with fingers. Make it a chapathi size. Do the same with remaining dough.
  • Put a pan on the stove and apply ghee or oil to it. Now toast this bobbatlu on the pan by turning both the sides. Collect it into a plate and serve it hot to your loved ones.

Tasty South Indian traditional sweet bobbatlu is ready to eat.

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