List of berries that improves your health

List of berries that improves your health

Berry is a small edible fruit. These are bright colour fruits with sour taste and many seeds. Due to the plant pigments berries look more attractive. These have anti-oxidants that fight various health problems. Berries are of various types, each of them have different factors. Let us discuss about berry types and its advantages.

Cranberry: Cranberry is a popular fruit with medicinal properties, This plant is grown throughout the year, it produces endless cranberries. It fight various skin infections, stomach problems, diabetes and liver diseases.

Blue berry: Blue berry is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. It contains anti-oxidants that fight against various health issues such as heart attack. It also prevents anti-aging of skin.

Acai berry: These are also known as miracle berries. These are grown in rain forests. Acai berries are served along with sea food items. Health benefits of acai berry are prevents cancer and reduces the fat levels.

Maqui berry: Maqui berry have the unique flavor compare with the other berry fruits. It contains calcium, potassium and vitamins that are required for your body.

Goji berry: It is another kind of berry fruit grown in himalayan region. Goji berry contains anti-oxidants that protects from various diseases. Goji berry have vitamins, amino acids and iron required for your body.

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