Why should i eat breakfast daily?

Why should i eat breakfast daily?

Most of the people skip breakfast in the morning especially at the age of 18-25. Reason behind such issues are to lose weight. Some people think skipping breakfast leads to reduce their calorie intake of the day and help them out from weight gain but fact is that it diminish mental ability. Breakfast acts as a fuel to your body to perform work efficiently.

Benefits of eating breakfast daily:

  • Energy: Lack of sufficient energy leads to health problems. Our body and brain needs glucose for functioning, in order to function it effectively prefer breakfast daily in the morning to boost your energy levels.
  • Brain: Breakfast plays a major role to start your day. It helps brain to function effectively, improves ability, improves memory power.
  • Nutrients: Breakfast contains essential nutrients, proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals. These are essential for growth and development of your body.
  • Cholesterol: People who skip breakfast are affected by the bad cholesterol.
  • Immune system: Eating breakfast daily helps to improve the immune system properly.

Problems for skipping breakfast:

  • Skipping breakfast effects your mental strength and stresses the body.
  • Skipping breakfast reduces the metabolism levels which leads to weight gain.
  • If you skip your breakfast for 1day it changes to conservation mode and converts the food we intake into bad cholesterol.
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