How to neutralize the oversalted recipe

How to neutralize the oversalted recipe

Salt is a essential mineral and most common ingredient used for cooking. In cooking generally we use both refined and unrefined salts depending on the recipe type. However salt plays a major role in every recipe. Excess salt in the recipe ruins its taste, so to overcome such misconception here we follow some basic tips or guidelines to make recipe taste better.

Over salted soups: By mistake, sometimes we generally add excess amount of salt to the soups. To overcome such misconception we follow some tips depending on the type of soup.

  • Remedy: If your soup is oversalted, add little amount of sugar for oversalted soup to neutralize the salt content and to revert back it taste.

Over salted recipes: If your recipes are over salted while cooking generally we follow few tips to balance the taste.

  • Remedy 1: Peel the skin of raw potatoes and cut into thin slices, add these potato slices to the over salted recipe while cooking ,stir it well and simmer recipe along with raw potato slices for 5-10min. Later remove them out. Now check the recipe that is balanced in its taste.
  • Remedy 2: Use milk cream to the over salted recipe and stir it well, it neutralizes oversalt in the taste of recipe.
  • Remedy 3: Increase the quantity of ingredients to the cooked recipe to balance its taste.
  • Remedy 4: Add excess spices for the recipe to revert its taste normally.
  • Remedy 5: Use parsley leaves as a stuff for the oversalted meat recipe.
  • Remedy 6: We can use 1-2 spoons of fresh lime juice to oversalt taste of the recipe to equalize its taste.


Tip: Besides making your food delicious, avoid excess intake of salt to overcome from high blood pressure.

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