How to make sugar free desserts

 How to make sugar free dessertsSugar free desserts, it is possible to prepare desserts of different varieties without sugar. A bit difficult for the people who are addicted to the sweet delicious desserts. Instead of sugar we can replace honey in high amounts. Honey contains natural sugars, vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, copper etc. It is very simple and easy to prepare sugar free desserts at home.

  • For processed foods like cakes and candies add sugar substitutes instead of sugar. it includes cocoa powder, chocolate strips, choco chips etc.
  • Prefer to use honey instead of sugar, add dry nuts for healthier sugar free desserts. It adds flavor to the desserts.
  • Use agave syrup a natural sugar substance from plants, we can use this syrup instead of sugar to prepare sugar free desserts and cakes.
  • In some of the desserts we use high amount of proteins and fibre that brings taste to the recipe.
  • Use unflavored plain yogurt in the recipe as a sugar substitute to make sugar free desserts.

Tips to follow:

  •  It is very healthy if we minimize eating much sugar, one should motivate yourself to overcome from sugar  addiction.
  •  Reduce the intake of food that contains high amount of sugar such as processed food, dairy products,    beverages, juices etc.
  •  Sugar can be substituted with various forms, one should recognize such products to reduce sugar levels in    your diet
  •  Prefer to eat piece of fruit than fruit juice because fruits are better than juices to maintain good health.
  •  Drink coffee/tea without sugar , use honey instead of sugar it contains components that are beneficial to    health.

Complications:  Excess intake of sugar leads to diabetes, weight retention, Dizziness, frequent cold, hypothyroidism, visual impairment. 

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