Spicy mutton biryani: How to make hyderabadi mutton biryani at home

Spicy mutton biryani: How to make hyderabadi mutton biryani at home

Spicy hyderabadi mutton biryani, the most popular dish served all the times. Mutton biryani is very tasty item made with different spices which adds flavor to the dish. This dish is prepared with fresh meat and basmati rice. Curd and lemon juice are the special ingredients to this mouth watering dish. Taste of recipe totally depends on marinating mutton with different spices. Special hyderbadi mutton biryani is more special item and loved by all. Let us see the cooking procedure of this spicy mutton biryani.


  • Basmati rice- 1 kg
  • Mutton – 1 kg
  • Green chillies- 100gms
  • Fried onions- 50gms
  • Coriander leaves- 1 bunch
  • Pudina- 1 bunch
  • Curd- 1/4 cup
  • Ghee- 1/4 cup
  • Lemon- 6 spoons
  • Cardamom + cinnamon – 10gms
  • Cumin seeds + cloves- 10gms
  • Garlic- 20gms
  • Ginger- 40gms


Step 1: Wash basmati rice and semi cook the rice at low flame.

Step 2: Grind green chilies, ginger, garlic, fried onions, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and cumin seeds. make all these ingredients into fine powder.

Step 3: Clean mutton twice and add fine masala powder to it. mix it well and set aside to marinate.

Step 4: Add curd and few spoons of lemon juice and mix it well.

Step 5: Place a layer of marinated mutton in the vessel. Next add semi cooked rice over it.

Step 6: Then some marinated mutton and again semi cooked rice.

Step 7: Pour cup of boiled water over the recipe and later ghee on it.

Step 8: Cover vessel completely with a lid, cook biryani at low flame for 15-20min.

Step 9: Off the flame and serve hyderabadi spicy mutton biryani.

Enjoy the delicious taste of spicy mutton biryani

Health corner:

  • Mutton has several health benefits, it enhances libido especially for women with low libido.
  • It is a good source for minerals such as iron and zinc.
  • Zinc plays a vital role in acquiring the healthy immune system.
  • Mutton contains high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids.
  • It is the good source of proteins which plays a major role in your body.
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