How to prepare sabudana chips / saggubhiyam vadiyalu at home

How to prepare sabudana chips / saggubhiyam vadiyalu at home

Saggubhiyam vadiyalu / sabudana chips, a crispy item easy to prepare at home with very few ingredients. we can prepare this recipe by lentils grounded into fine paste and spices which adds more taste to the chips. These are preferred to dry under the sun for 2 days. Let us see the procedure of making the crispy chips.


  • Sabudana / saggubhiyam – 1 kg
  • water- 4 glasses
  • green chilli paste- 50gms
  • jeera / cumin seeds- 3 spoons
  • salt- as needed


Step 1: Clean sabudana with plain water for 2 times.

Step 2: Take a long bottomed vessel, add sabudana and water boil them combinely till they become smooth.

Step 3: Using mixer, make green chillies and cumin seeds into fine paste.

Step 4: After sabudana gets boiled add chilli paste and mix it well.

Step 5: Add salt and stir the whole recipe well and set aside.

Step 6: Place plastic paper under the sun, by using spoon pour sabudana on the paper into small circular shapes.

Step 7: Set them all under the sun to dry for atleast 2 days.

Step 8: Later sprinkle water on them and remove from the paper and place on the plate.

Step 9: Set aside for 1 day to dry under the sun.

Step 10: Fry them in oil and serve to eat.

Enjoy the taste of homemade sabudana chips.

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