How to prepare tequila spiked coffee

How to prepare tequila spiked coffee

Tequila spiked coffee, a coffee liquor that tastes good. Recipe has unique taste with its sweetness. Whipped cream adds more taste to the spiked coffee.  We usually see many recipes that includes or else tequila but this is really delicious with its flavor.


Coffee- 3/4 cup

Tequila- 30ml

Kahlua- 30ml

Brown sugar- 1 spoon

Whipped cream


Step 1: Add coffee, tequila, kahlua and brown sugar into a jar.

Step 2:Take whipping cream and whisk it continuously until it is thick.

Step 3: Dip back side of whipping cream and move it on top of the coffee.

Step 4: Garnish with orange zest.

Step 5: Serve to drink

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