How to make Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani at home

Who don’t love to eat the tasty and spicy Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani? Hyderabadi dum biryani is a genuine Hyderabadi special rice item that is always found in the restaurants main course menu. This rice dish is based on two important ingredients called chicken and basmathi rice. Hyderabadi dum biryani is one of the regional cuisines that is loved by people of all ages. Making a good hyderabadi dum biryani at home is so simple. It is not that much tough as the name means. How to make the best hyderabadi chicken dum biryani at home? Today we are giving you the simple and tasty recipe of chicken dum biryani recipe with photos and step by step procedure along with video of chicken dum biryani. Learn and cook this tasty rice item at home and gain the compliments from your loved ones. Here you go.

Ingredients required for making of dum biryani

  • Chicken
  • Turmeric powder – 1 tbsp
  • Salt – 1 tbsp
  • Red chilli powder – 1 tbsp
  • Coriander powder – 1 tbsp
  • Ginger garlic paste – 2 tbsp
  • Curd – 1 bowl
  • Water – 2 bowls water for 1 bowl rice
  • Basmathi rice
  • Oil – 3 tbsp
  • Salt – 1 tbsp
  • Chopped onions – 2
  • Butter – 1 tbsp
  • Kapok buds/shalmali – 3
  • Cardamom/elachi – 3
  • Cinnamon/dalchini chaka – 2
  • Cloves/laungs – 2
  • Bay leafs/tej patta – 2
  • Chopped green chillies – 2
  • Mint leaves – take few mint leaves
  • Coriander leaves – take few coriander leaves
  • Food color – add food color (optional)
  • Miada – if vapour is escaping add a layer of maida to the edge of a bowl and close the lid
  • Butter – 2 tbsp

Process of making hyderabadi chicken dum biryani

  • Take a fresh chicken pieces(500 grms) and wash it nicely. Collect the chicken pieces into a fresh bowl or marinating bowl for marinating.
  • Add turmeric, salt, red chilli powder, coriander powder and ginger garlic paste. Mix the ingredients with hand so that the chicken pieces will absorb the ingredients & flavors.
  • Now add curd and mix the chicken pieces well. Soak these marinated chicken pieces for an hour.

Preparing of rice for hyderabadi dum biryani

  • Meanwhile keep a pan or cooker on the stove and add water for cooking the soaked basmathi rice. (2:1 is the quantity. For 2 water 1 rice).
  • Now add salt and 1 tbsp of oil to the boiling water. Drain the soaked basmathi rice from water and put that rice in to the boiling water. Cook the rice upto 70 – 80% (10 minutes).
  • Now turn off the flame and separate the rice from rice water. Don’t through the left over rice water because we are going to use that water for dum.
  • Biryani rice is ready. Keep this a side.

Final step for preparing the chicken dum biryani

  • Take another nice bottom pan on the stove and add 2 tbsp of oil to it. Add chopped onions to it and fry till golden brown color. Collect them into a separate plate.
  • In the same pan add 1 tbsp of butter. Then put the dry spices like 3 kapok buds/ shalmali, cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves and bay leafs.
  • Add chopped green chillies and fry it for 1 minute. Put washed and fresh mint leaves and coriander leaves. Add little fried onions too.
  • Now add soaked and marinated chicken pieces. Mix it well. Cook for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Add few coriander leaves, mint leaves and fried onions.
  • Now add a layer of boiled rice on the chicken curry by spreading evenly to all sides.
  • Sprinkle few fried onions, mint leaves, coriander leaves and left over rice water (not full just little).
  • Add food colors on the top by mixing in the milk or water.
  • Cook for 5 minutes by closing the lid. If you think the vapour is going out then open the lid and add the maida layer to the edges of the vessel and close the lid as shown in the image below.
  • Cook it and open the lid after 15 minutes. Remove the maida layer from the edges of the bowl and mix the rice from bottom to well. So that the chicken pieces will mix well with the rice.
  • At the last add 2 tbsp of butter and spread it on the hot rice for better fragrance and taste.

Tips to remember while cooking the hyderabadi chicken dum biryani

  • Always use fresh and whole chicken for making this hyderabadi chicken dum biryani.
  • Using of mint and coriander leaves adds a special fragrance to the biryani.
  • Add oil to the boiling water (while rice cooking). So that the rice will not be wet or sticky.
  • Soak the basmathi rice or biryani rice atleast 1 hour before cooking the biryani at home.
  • Use thick bottom pan or vessel for cooking chicken dum biryani.
  • No need of cooking the biryani rice completely. Just ¾ of it is enough.
  • Don’t through the rice water after draining the rice. Because that water will be used at the end for dum biryani.
  • You can use the fried onions available in the super market or grocery store instead of making at home.
  • Use different varieties of dry spices or biryani spices for preparing hyderabadi chicken dum biryani.

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