How to make kiwi and coconut muffins

How to make kiwi and coconut muffins

How to make kiwi and coconut muffins

Kiwi lime muffins holds both sweet and sour flavors. Texture of the kiwi lime muffins are very soft and moist. They have delicious taste and it is very simple to make muffins. It is a favorite snack item for kids loaded with shredded coconut, lemon zest and kiwi slices. Let us see the procedure of making delicious muffins at home.


  • Kiwi fruit- 2 medium size
  • Plain flour-  1 1/2 cup
  • Baking powder- 1 spoon
  • Baking soda- pinch
  • Melted butter- 2/3 cup
  • Vanilla essence- 1 spoon
  • Ripe banana-1
  • Eggs-3
  • Powdered sugar-150gms
  • Roof afza- 3 spoons
  • Grated lemon zest- spoon
  • kiwi slices- 2 spoons for garnish
  • Shredded coconut for garnish


Step 1: Peel skin of kiwi fruit and banana, cut into small pieces.

Step 2:Using processor, blend into soft puree.

Step 3:Take plain flour, baking soda and baking powder in a bowl, mix them well.

Step 4: Add powdered sugar and eggs in another bowl, whisk them well for  2-5min.

Step 5:Add vanilla essence, roof afza, melted butter, banana kiwi puree and flour in a bowl and stir it well.

Step 6:Pour batter into cups and sprinkle lemon zest.

Step 7:Preheat oven at 220 degrees.

Step 8:Now place them in oven for 15-20min.

Step 9:Later take out of the oven and set aside till temperature reduces.

Step 10:Sprinkle shredded coconut and kiwi fruit slices.

Serve and enjoy the taste of hot muffins.


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