How to make atole / mexican cornmeal


A traditional cornmeal beverage of mexican and central american region. Recipe contains cinnamon and vanilla essence which adds flavor to it. It is very tasty served as hot drink in cool winter. It is more popular at the time of christmas season. This recipe can also made with chocolate flavor. Main ingredients of this recipe is corn which is boiled, grinded and dried called as masa harine. It contain high amount of fibre with good nutritional values.


  • Milk- 3cups
  • Water- 2cups
  • Brown sugar- 1/4 cup
  • Cinnamon – 1/2 spoon
  • Vanilla essence- 1 spoon
  • Masa harina- as required


Step 1: Take a jar, add milk and water whick them for about 5min.

Step 2: Add masa harina, sugar and cinnamon powder.

Step 3: Heat pan, add the whole mixture and cook it well by stirring it.

Step 4: At low flame cook it well till it becomes smooth.

Step 5: Stir it well continuosly till it thickens.

Step 6: Off the flame and add vanilla essence.

Step 7: Serve the hot beverage in glasses.

Enjoy the taste of corn meal beverage in winter season..

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