How to make vanilla extract at home

How to make vanilla extract at home

Vanilla extract is very tasty and most essential for cooking. Vanilla essence extracted from vanilla beans for the best quality. It is free from artificial colors. We have to check the weight of bean rather than quality to process the vanilla extract. It is simple to prepare vanilla extract at home. Let us see the procedure..


  • Vanilla beans- 3
  • Vodka- 1 cup


Step 1: Split vanilla beans into half and leave at the end of bean connected.

Step 2: Put vanilla beans in a glass jar for best output.

Step 3: Pour alcohol in the glass jar till the beans get completely dipped.

Step 4: Cover the jar tightly with a lid and shake it once.

Step 5: Store the glass jar in dark and cool place, shake it once for every 5days.

Step 6: After 60-80days  pour vanilla extract in small bottles for future use.

Step 7: It can be stored over years.

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