Best protein foods for Healthy body

Best protein foods for Healthy body

Proteins are the essential nutrients that participate in every cell process. It plays a major role in growth and function of the human body. Production of proteins are obtained by various amino acids, these are obtained from the major sources of vegetables and animals.Proteins are converted into energy in human body. There are different of protein foods that are needed to our body. These plays a vital role in maintaining strong and healthy muscles.

Proteins are needed for every part of our body such as muscles, skin, hair and for every tissue. Lack of proteins in human body leads to growth failure, immunity problems, Heart weakness etc.

Egg: Egg contains high proteins that are needed to our body. It contains nearly 5-6gms of protein content. Egg white has most of the proteins. Intake of egg daily helps to maintain healthy body.

Fish: Fish is the good source of proteins. It contains less saturated fat and high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Sea foods are easy to digest and recommended for twice or thrice in your diet.

Dry nuts: Dry nuts are the best source of nutritional facts. They contains high protein values and good fat. Almonds are the good source of protein content in dry nuts.

Milk: Milk is the primary source of proteins. Drink a glass milk daily to overcome from illness.

Nuts and seeds: Some of the seeds such as watermelon seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds. Nearly they contain High content of proteins.

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